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Tecno Line distributes its product range worldwide in several international markets.

Metal frames for chairs, tables and other metal parts

Established in 1984, Tecno Line is well-known all over the world as a leading manufacturer of customized metal furniture components for office, communal areas, home and shop. Our goal is to satisfy the customer needs with particular attention to the individual and the environment.

Tecno Line Best Service.

Considering the continuous search for efficiency, Tecno Line offers the possibility of assembling plastic or wooden parts such as stacking plugs, glides, knots, armrests, etc. This allows customers to save time and effort with a simultaneous freight optimization.

Tecno Line History

Tecno Line is now able to convert ideas into technological improvement and into innovative products that concretely satisfy the customer needs.

Tecno Line is established.

Head office in Molvena, via Tezze 22 with a production area of 2.200 sqm.

New Research & Development Centre with building of customized tooling. New Tapering Centre. New automatized Welding Centre

Expansion of the Bending Department. Forming of tubes and profiles.

Eco-friendly Chrome III as alternative to Chrome VI.

New Lasertube Centre (fiber cutting).

Extension of the head office in Molvena. Now the production area is ca. 11.600 sqm.

Extension of the Laser Centre with add of a 5-axis Laser machine

Hydroforming process is added.

Laser welding is added.

Tecno Line S.r.l.

Via Tezze, 22

36064 Colceresa (VI) - ITALY


T: +39 0424 471 119

P.IVA IT01632140248


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