Metal frames

for chairs and tables

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We shape the future

supporting you developing successful products

Tecno Line is the specialized partner in the manufacturing of custom-made metal frames for chairs and tables. We support our client creating successful products. Technical expertise, know-how, cutting-edge technologies allow us to offer effective and efficient solutions, processing the metal through specific personalisations and giving values to every detail of the product. Starting from the technical support and going through the serial production and the continuous process optimization, we are by your side with services tailored on your company’s needs.

Product industrialization

Our technical support to the design process allows to find solutions to make the production process more efficient while enhancing the design and the details of the product.

Serial production

Cutting-edge manufacturing processes with the latest technologies and a highly qualified staff.

Metal processing

Innovative technologies to manufacture metal parts with peculiar personalisations

Tube and wire bending

Tube swaging/tapering

Tube forming and hydroforming

5 axis laser cutting (3D laser cutting)

MIG, TIG and laser automated welding

More efficiency, more flexibility, more improvements.

Additional services



Powder coating, chromium plating, copper and brass plating, galvanizing, sandblasting



Assembling of components made of different materials (plastic, wood, die-casting, fabrics)


and delivering

Advanced and interlinked management system for the correct handling of orders and stock

Innovative technical solutions

By your side, step by step

Are you a designer?

Get support for the development of your project

The right partner

to realize your product


The professionalism, as well as the interplay of the whole team, ensure a customized, meticulously supervised product.

Continuous improving

Manufacturing strategies, know-how, closed collaboration with designers and engineers, tailor-made solutions.

High level

We look for perfection at each step of the process. Flexibility, reliability, punctuality and accuracy for a high-end quality.

Tailor-made solutions

for different purposes