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Tecno Line manufactures custom-made metal frames for chairs and tables starting from the industrialization going through the processing of the raw material until the finished product.

Product industrialization

After an accurate review of the product to be built, Tecno Line researches and implements the most suitable technologies to realize the serial production in the most effective way to give the client the best quality and value.

During the whole life cycle, the product is continuously reviewed to verify whether the production process is still the best one. Otherwise, together with the client, new solutions are taken in order to get the top in accordance with the latest technologies.

Prototyping and sampling

In order to offer an always transparent and under-control process, Tecno Line concentrates even the phases of prototyping and sampling within the company. The assimilation of this phase guarantees efficiency and functionality, giving product developers and designers the chance to look at the result from the very beginning.



Additional services

to improve the performance

Surface treatments

Surface treatments, such as powder coating, chromium plating (bright, sating and black, both with Chrom VI or eco-friendly Chrom III), sandblasting, galvanizing are given to qualified partners who have been working together with Tecno Line for a long time and share the same vision.

Components assembly

Upon customer’s request, Tecno Line assembles components made of plastic, wood, fabrics or die casting parts to reduce energy and costs for the client and supply a whole service of tailor-made packaging.

Storage and delivery

By mutual agreement with the client, Tecno Line manages a strategic stock to shorten the time and ensure a just-in-time delivery.


A single partner for the whole production process


Optimization and review of all manufacturing steps for a product in accordance with your requirements.


Reducing the manufacturing steps leads to an optimization of costs and time, while keeping up with the requested quality level.

Lead time

Capacity of being ready before the real need, thanks to an advanced and interlinked management system for handling orders and stocks.

Innovative technical solutions

By your side, step by step

Are you a designer?

Get support for the development of your project

Tailor-made solutions

for different purposes