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Every step, from the technical feasibility review and the cost-benefit analysis, through the prototypes to the serial production, aims at developing a confidential relationship with the client. The manufacturing exclusively takes place at our own factories as well as at our qualified suppliers which are based in Northeastern Italy. Every working step is documented and tracked with care and accuracy.

Perfection in all steps

We look for perfection at every step of the process. Flexibility, reliability, punctuality and accuracy for a high final quality.

Attention to detail

The daily presence of the owners and the fair and fast communication enable the client to get fast, reliable and constructive solutions.

Services and solutions for the maximum efficiency

Considering the continuous search for efficiency, Tecno Line offers the possibility of assembling plastic or wooden parts such as stacking plugs, glides, knots, armrests, etc. This allows clients to save time and effort with a simultaneous freight optimization.

A wide range of possibilities thanks to the expertise and the cutting-edge technologies of Tecno Line.

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